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 me and my family

An amazing experience for the whole family, joy happiness bonding time for the family. Music, adventure laughter is the result of Came Photography. Your children and Spouse will enjoy the greatest photography session ever. What better way to celebrate the character of your whole family than a Came photography generation portrait. At Came photography our highly skilled photographers are trained to capture special moments in your lives and create really individual photographs which tell the story of you and your full family. Whether it’s an 80th birthday, a significant wedding anniversary or simply the family getting together which is often a challenge with the busy lives we lead, we’ll be sure to create a lasting record for you all to treasure for many years to come.

Our highly skilled photographers are well versed at organizing a multi-age group and ensuring that you make the most of your time together in the studio. Before you attend your Came photoshoot we’ll help you come up with plenty of ideas for the session to ensure that we bring out the characters and passions of each and every one of you to create your unique story.

Following your photoshoot your photographer will select and prepare your images creating a personal show just for you. Then we’ll invite you back to the comfortable cinematic surroundings of our digital theatre when you’ll be treated to a unique show that really brings your story to life.

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