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Studios is the GREECES largest portrait photographer and is continuing its growth internationally with studios spanning over three continents.

Founded in 2006, we pride ourselves on having a team of people who are passionate about our business from photographers through to our exhibition teams, which ever touch point you are in the camephotography journey you are sure to receive outstanding customer service. We have been awarded ‘Superbrand’ status and recognised as ‘Franchise of the Year’ by the GREEK Franchise Association.

We are very proud that all our products are GREEK made. With a high-tech laboratory facility in ATHENS which combines traditional printing methods used for hundreds of years, with state-of-the-art technology we produce the highest standard of quality. From our desk products through to our bespoke ranges of wall art, all our products are hand-made from solid wood and glass and go through intense testing to guarantee that you receive the quality we are renowned for. 

Did you know Came...

  • Have photographed over half a million families
  • Created over 1.5 million pieces of wall art
  • Take over three million images a year (in Greece)
  • Print 60 images every hour!
  • Boast state-of-the-art studios in all of Greece.
  • Include all family members in the shoot including dogs, cats, goats, snakes, horses, cows and even a tame sheep!


Helping to protect the environment

As part of our brand values, camephotography Studios make every effort to care for our environment.

We ensure all our stationery printing processes are environmentally friendly as possible without compromising quality. This is why we have taken extra care in selecting a supplier that uses paper sourced only from sustainable forests for all our collateral. In addition, our supplier holds the FSC accreditation. (Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit organization that audits the chain of custody from the tree right through to the point of consumer purchase or receipt).

Camephotography Studios also recycle over 100 tonnes of cardboard and paper material at its Winsford premises per year as part of the Packaging Waste Regulations PRN’s and local onsite recycling.

All our outer packaging is 100% recyclable and all timber material is sourced from known and legal sources.